Golobokova Alexandra Igorevna

Designer, artist, photographer


Computer School "MedInfo" 2000

Novgorod State University named Yaroslav of Wise, 2008 (Faculty of Architecture, Art and Building) Specialization: Graphic Design

Additional education

English language level Pre-INTERMEDIATE Establishment of additional Adult Education "People's University"

3D MAX / Web Technologies Educational Center Maxim Development 2013

St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University / Specialization: Web-design 2013

Computer layout Adobe InDesign Educational Center Aristek 2013 St. Petersburg

Screamschool / Moscow 1 Month VFX 2014

Neurology / Course of young males in primary cells in Digital/Moscow 2017

About creativity:

I care about in this world, events, people, politics and philosophy, I do wonder how this world is constructed.

Not indifferent to the manifestations of life and all the deep passes through itself, sometimes it is painful, but not without humor sometimes share their work.
Draw at the subconscious level, all the pops in my head in the form of images and sensations, flashes of bright pictures.
Particularly frequent images come in a dream. Sometimes I wonder myself a hand as if she draws.

In multiple parts and weave, and I bring a certain nervousness of the world and at the same time the unity, the relationship of absolutely everything, with the help of invisible matter.
Aalso invest a certain message in the work, his Message in a kind of symbolic coding, this may be an inner experience of life, or a particular slogan, a call, and sometimes just a feeling. My creativity is a profound sublimation my feelings with reality. Less


  • Drawing
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • 2D: Photoshop / Illustrator /In Design /CorelDraw
  • 3D: Maya / Cinema4D
  • Move: After Effect / Premier_Pro / Flesh
  • Interior.